Indiana District Dues?

Indiana District has a dues structure designed to bring balance to ministers who are full time, and ministers who are secularly employed. 

Sectional Dues

All ministers are expected to pay $5 a month to their sectional secretary. Your sectional leaders can be found here: 

Ministers with Secular Employment For District Dues

Secularly employed ministers need to pay $35 a month, or $105 per quarter, or $420 a year for their District Due. 

Ministers and Educators who are full time

Ministers who are considered full time, drawing their income from the ministry are expected to give 5% of their income to the district as dues. It can be considered 1/2 their tithe, and is called tithe on the district digital giving portal. 


Evangelists are those who travel for ministry and are preaching at least 50% of the time away from their home church. They should sign up with the state evangelist director, and be listed in the evangelist directory with the UPCI. They are asked to give 10% of their income to the district as their tithe. Approx 1 month before the UPCI national conference, they are asked to report on their activity as evangelist for the last 12 months, and fill out a report given out by the district secretary. If they qualify as a full time evangelist, they are entitled to a return of 50% of their tithe paid for expenses to attend the general conference, or to use to cover expenses as the District Board directs.